The Social Trends Campaign is an annual Hootsuite thought leadership campaign, the guide is researched and written by the content team and designed by the creative team at Hootsuite. In addition to the highly anticipated guide, we design toolkits, videos, playbooks, sales enablement, blog articles, social cards, webinars, emails, and a robust microsite.
The creative concept for 2022 was a strong departure from anything we had done in the past and stood out among all other reports in the industry—it was bold, playful, and featured excellent information design throughout its 43 pages—plus the content was highly sought after by social media marketers around the globe.

In addition to overwhelming positive sentiments on social channels, we saw a 30% increase in guide downloads, significant increase in conversion, and 130K unique page views with an average of 5:28 spent on page.

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Social Trends Guide | ROI spread

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