Reach Learning Centre is the top Canadian provider of the Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach that teaches kids with learning difficulties to read and writeTheir centres provide training services and professional development to educators in Canada and around the world.
Their founder has been supporting students with language remediation for almost three decades. Their first centre opened in North Vancouver in 2004 and was the first fully accredited OG centre providing specific OG intervention lessons in Canada. Since then, they have grown to six centres across Canada and have successfully remediated reading and spelling difficulties for thousands of children.
With growth comes opportunity. 20 years on, and with plans in place to expand its franchise across Canada, Reach needed a strategic brand roadmap to ensure a smooth rollout. I worked closely with Reach's Executive Director and Marketing Director to re-imagine their brand, to understand their mission, values, and goals. From initial brainstorm sessions to implementation, I helped them articulate their unique identity and translate it into a visually compelling and cohesive brand system. New website launching soon.
Reach Brand Guide — Online (select pages)
Reach Presentation Deck — Sample (one of hundreds!)
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