Hootsuite invented the social media management category, but in recent years had seen a decline in awareness. Concurrently, social media has evolved at a phenomenal pace since we started back in 2008; mirroring the speed at which society moves, it has become an uncontrollable force of culture and the wildest part of the internet.
To keep pace with social, improve brand awareness, and re-establish ourselves as the leader in social management, we unveiled a new visual identity and brand platform, designed with our customers at the core. Through the new brand ethos, “Your Guide to the Wild,” we wanted to bring the vibrancy (and chaos) of marketing online to life, which was executed through a complete redesign of our logo and visual brand representation, tone of voice and Owly mascot.
The new brand system didn’t stop there. Bringing this to life, we designed an integrated campaign— with a significant focus on digital and social media—to challenge outdated perceptions of our brand and show that we don’t just ‘get’ social, we are social. 
We created custom photography, video and gifs, we designed and produced over 375 deliverables as part of this integrated marketing campaign. #onewildride #dreamteam

• 10% increase in organic brand search in the UK and a 9% increase in the US. 
• When surveying exposed users, the campaign lifted awareness among 6.7M prospects and purchase consideration among 1.4M prospects, while delivering a lower “cost per lift” than any campaign in Hootsuite’s history.
• At the five month point, we’re starting to see the long-tail business effects of the work, with an ~5% increase in product trials (standard at the 5-6 month-point). 
• Rebrand assets engaged YouTube audiences at a 64% higher completion rate than the SaaS/Marketing benchmark. 

• In the first 60 days, our PR campaign generated over 10M UMV (unique monthly visitors) from 36 pieces of earned media coverage,  including an exclusive full feature article in AdWeek.
• Our paid media campaign reached 19M unique users, generated awareness with over 1.7M prospects (brand lift), influenced 528 conversations and delivered over 94M impressions.
• In the first two weeks, our social campaign generated 24.2K views and 10.5k engagements on Instagram; 30k views, over 3k engagements and a 50% increase in follower count on TikTok; and 192K impressions, 10.5K engagements and 8.4K clicks on LinkedIn. 
• Following launch, the TikTok influencer video created with Emily Zugay (logo redesigner) was tied as the most viewed/liked post on our TikTok with 1.8M views (additional to above).
The end-result: A campaign unlike any B2B strategy you've ever seen—one that focuses less on pure product features or rational reasons to believe, and instead draws you into the wild world of social media.
Shorty Awards (2022)
Gold Honor, Rebrand Campaign
Transform Awards NA (2022)
Silver: Best Brand Evolution (Business)
Silver: Best Use of Copy + Tone of Voice
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